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Andrew Apanov (Dotted Music/WeSpin): "Don’t Hide Behind Music – You Are an Essential Part of Your Music."

Published January 23 2015.

  by Mario

A while ago when I browsed the interweb for DIY musician tools I ran into Andrew Apanov, founder of Dotted Music and WeSpin, the former an agency offering a package of services like social media marketing, fan monetization and community building for artists, the latter a music marketing training website and community. Immediately I had the sense that we're brothers in spirit. So I asked him to answer a few questions about how DIY musicians can benefit from his services ...

50K MUSIC: First please tell us a bit about yourself. Who is Andrew Apanov, where do you come from?
Andrew: I’m someone who loves music, and loves helping musicians even more. I run Dotted Music – a music industry blog which has been around since 2009, and which is now also a full-service digital marketing agency for music brands. In 2012 I also launched an educational marketing training and community platform called WeSpin. I’ve been consulting artists, doing a podcast and a video interview series with industry representatives, speaking, organising workshops, and constantly learning how to advance others’ careers and brands. Importantly, since two years back I’ve also been enjoying living in Poland with my wife and cat. The boom of the local craft beer scene, which started just around the time we moved here, makes me particularly happy.

Back to the topic! Even earlier, for around seven years, I was an Editor, and then an Editor-in-chief at Ultimate-Guitar.com, one of the biggest guitar websites on the planet. Simultaneously, I was DJing and co-organising big night events in my hometown. I don’t DJ much these days, but plan to do it more, especially when I bring my vinyl collection over here.

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