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100 Days Of New Sellaband - Five Questions To Michael Bogatzki

This interview has originally been published on Aug 22 2011

  by Mario

In February this year Michael Bogatzki took over the job as the new SellaBand CEO. Since the New SellaBand has started he had to solve a number of problems. After his first 100 days it was time to ask him a few questions.

50K MUSIC: A little bit more than 100 days ago you took over the job of SellaBand CEO. Do you regret this step with hindsight?
Michael: Not at all! It has been and still is a great challenge and I´m happy that we´ve managed the takeover and the first 100 days together with a vast majority of the Believers and Artists.

50K MUSIC: What was the hardest challenge for you after the new start?
Michael: I would say that all the regulatory and legal issues have been most challenging, since this is something you can not completely influence. On the one hand you have to follow certain rules and requirements and on the other hand you are looking for a creative an positive way to realize a workable solution. Beside of this it wasn't always easy to find the right priority because there are so many demands and interests we have to take care of.

50K MUSIC: Are there any issues you wanted to tackle but haven't solved yet?
Michael: Yes, I would love to be faster with the progress of the front-end and usability. Everything else is in a good situation. Things could happen faster as always, but right now I would say "we are on schedule!"

50K MUSIC: A lot of (active) believers and a few artists have left SellaBand after the bankruptcy. How do you plan to bring the community back to SellaBand?
Michael: We have to offer new features, we need more marketing power, and support the artist as an consultancy, provide proper distribution partners, promotion activities... We will have some nice new features, TV shows and are expanding into foreign markets. This will give a lot of attraction for our former believers. We will setup satellites around the Sellaband Planet. Those satellites will create a 360 degree full service for Artist and should be very attractive for all our "old" believers.

50K MUSIC: What are your plans for the next months regarding the website, promotion and SellaBand in general?
Michael: As said we are working on the TV appearance, we will have some more competitions like Rocken am Brocken or the Intro co-operation. There will be some nice changes to the website, functionality and appearance in general within the next 6 month, but of course we don't want to spoil anything right now. Thanks Michael for the interview.