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Zoshpit: "We're Here For The Long Run"

Thanks Julian for answering my questions. Wish you good luck with your venture guys. Published on June 11 2013.

  by Mario

Good news for all Indie Musicians in Down Under. Today Zoshpit, the first and only Australian music crowdfunding platform, opened its doors. "ZoshPit’s mission is to revolutionise the Australian music industry by offering a platform tailored to the needs of artists, bands and musicians.", Julian Chong and Paul Batten, Co-Founders of Zoshpit, stated in their press release today. I talked to Julian about their plans for the platform and the opportunities for artists to crowdfund and sell their music on the platform ...

50K MUSIC: Zoshpit is a quite unusual name. What does it mean?
Julian: If you've ever had children, you'll know how difficult settling on a name can be. It wasn't much different for ZoshPit. We've both got a boy each, Josh and Zen. We combined the two and ended up with Zosh. Then Paul (the bright one) said, "How about ZoshPit? It's got music feel". When I heard it and then saw the logo he designed, I knew it was the one.

50K MUSIC: Who had the idea of founding Zoshpit?
Julian: We both have backgrounds in marketing, technology and social media with keen interests in music. Personally I have a few mates in the industry who always appear to be applying for funding, some successful, some not.

It seemed like Australia really was in need of its own platform. When we floated the idea with friends in the industry they all loved it.

50K MUSIC: There are a number of established music crowdfunding platforms nowadays. Why another one?
Julian: The Australian music scene is probably as strong as its ever been right now. Yes there are other platforms, but ZoshPit is the only Australian platform focused solely on music. Aussies are pretty parochial in their support so we feel that this will only work in benefiting both fans and artists.

In any case, there's so much talent out there, we feel there's enough to support a few sites. Of course we won't complain if they all end up using ours :) - but a bit of competition is always healthy for everyone.

Our ultimate goal is to build a community of fans that not only come looking for bands they already know, but come searching for new music they can back and support and share with others.

50K MUSIC: What services do you offer? Why should musicians use Zoshpit to crowdfund their music?
Julian: Apart from the crowdfunding, artists and bands can upload their tracks and sell them via the site commission free. As far as we're aware, ZoshPit is the only site that'll allow you to do this.

Musicians in the past have had to give away too much and I think its refreshing seeing this major evolution in how the industry works. Unfortunately we couldn't convince PayPal to also waive their fees, so their minimal transaction fees apply. But compared to other options out there, we feel this is a pretty sweet deal.

We also have years in online marketing, social media and graphic design so we're only more than happy providing advice and help if any bands need it.

50K MUSIC: There's a strong music crowdfunding community in Australia (and New Zealand) but mostly active on other crowdfunding platforms. How are you going to convince them to join Zoshpit?
Julian: As I mentioned, we're the only Australian owned platform dedicated just to music projects. We know Aussies love supporting local so we expect to find a lot of excitement about having their own now.

Building the site focused on music, we hope the experience will be better not just for artists, but for their fans as well. Providing more than just crowdfunding, with a site in constant evolution, we want to aid artists and fans in developing long term relationships.

50K MUSIC: When will you exit test mode?
Julian: As of the 11th of June we'll be officially launched. 

50K MUSIC: Anything else people should know about Zoshpit?
Julian: This is an exciting time for the Australian music scene. If artists are looking for a great way to connect with their fans and offer them something different, or want to sell their tracks online and keep their hard earned profits, they should visit the site. We're here for the long run.