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Amanda Palmer: World Wide Webcast

Amanda Palmer is going to be WEBCASTING, LIVE from CAMBRIDGE, MA with MUSIC and TALKING and GUESTS and more next Tuesday, June 04 at 7 pm (EST). This is what she announced in her newsletter about a week ago.

She's planning a new WEBCASTING SERIES although she calls the first webcast "just an experiment to see how it goes".

The guest line-up for the webcast will be as follows as she states:
"• Amanda Palmer (doing all sorts of shit)
• anthony martignetti - (reading and conversation)
• cormac bride - (music and conversation)
• neil gaiman - (reading and conversation)
• sarah borello - (music and conversation) and....
• YOU (Amanda will be chatting a lot online and taking questions from the live audience, PLUS the yous on the internetz)."

The stream will be broadcast by redstarunion.com