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Katy & The Escort Orchestra - Sparklingsoul Sounds Pretty Nice

Katy and the Orchestra answered my questions via e-mail. Published on Feb 19 2013.

  by Mario

Katy and The Escort Orchestra started their collaboration back in 2010. They are raising funds for a debut album on Sellaband. I talked to them about their project and about Sparklingsoul...

50K MUSIC: Please tell us something about Katy & The Escort Orchestra. Where do you come from? What are your roots?
KEO: We are from Switzerland. KEO it`s the solo project of Katrin Züllig. But we are a Band. So all of us are Studying Jazz or has studying. Our sound is like the old Soul an R'n'B. Like Ottis Redding or Ray Charles. These are our roots!

50K MUSIC: You call your sound Sparklingsoul. How did you "invented" this very special sound?
KEO: I guess it`s a mix between R'n'B, Pop, Motown and Soul! So we was searching for a pretty catchy sound name! So Sparklingsoul sounded pretty nice! :-D

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Broadway Killers: "We Have The Best Community Of People Supporting Us"

Thanks to Emil and the guys for this interview via e-mail. Wish you good luck with the Band Contest. Published on April 22 2013.

  by Mario

There are exactly 5 days left to join Sellaband Band Contest 2013 as a supporter. About one week ago I introduced Hogan from Ireland. And here is the second band in the contest, being in the lead at the moment - most of you may have heard of the Broadway Killers already. If you like their music and want them to tour Germany next year don't hesitate and get them some support...

50K MUSIC: Sellaband has just started the Band Contest 2013. How come that you joined it?
Broadway Killers: In fact it started a while ago, but I forgot to answer your mail :) Anyway, let’s just say that we had a really good experience funding our debut album through Sellaband. Mainly that is why we thought this competition could be fun. Also we thought and still we think that we can beat the other two bands. We have the best community of people supporting us.

50K MUSIC: You're old hands in crowdfunding business. Do you think you have some sort of advantage?
Broadway Killers: Well, I think we have some experience at least and maybe that could be an advantage. But the main thing we have is our community which just supports us any time we ask for it. Just a note on this: In fact we were about to cancel our May tour because a promoter made a very late cancellation of a gig. We told people this on facebook but then one fan saved our entire May tour by buying an acoustic concert through the Sellaband Contest. Ain’t that f**kin’ cool, huh!!?

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Hannes Grossmann: "It's More Direct This Way"

Obscura's drummer Hannes Grossmann talks to 50K MUSIC MAG's Jonathan Keane about crowd funding his upcoming solo album on Indiegogo ... and more. Published November 02 2013.

  by Jonathan

It’s not exactly uncommon to find a musician with multiple itches that need scratching, where the full-time band, or “day-job” if you will, isn’t hitting the all the spots. Take the case of drummer Hannes Grossmann of Germany’s progressive death metal maestros Obscura. He also sits behind the kit of tech metal super-group Blotted Science alongside one Ron Jarzombek and Cannibal Corpse’s Alex Webster. Add in Hannes’ time with Necrophagist and you have one busy guy. It is however not quite enough and the stickman is looking to bring his solo compositions, in The Radial Covenant, to life.

The new material, written entirely by Hannes, was originally intended for a future Obscura record. “I had written these songs, which is like of 40 minutes of material,” says Hannes, “and we were discussing this earlier in the band that we want to go back to writing songs as four-piece, like everybody puts stuff into it.”

He continues: “I had the songs and I really liked them and I didn’t want to have them ripped apart. If you come up with 40 minutes of material, it is a record. It would not be a real band thing anymore so I decided to do it as a solo record.”

The writing process for Obscura appears very democratic and the songs that are making up The Radial Covenant were in fact finished compositions that were totally Hannes’ and he intended to keep them that way – “I just like the songs as they are. I didn’t want to make a compromise this time so I thought that this is a typical situation to put out a solo record instead of a band release.”

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Thulium: "Finish It All By Winning A Few Grammies!"

This interview was real fun, although we talked only via e-mail. Thanks to Rob and Boubou for taking the time to answer. Check out their Kickstarter project and support them. Published June 03 2013.

  by Mario

Thulium have started their Kickstarter project to fund their upcoming album about one month ago. They still have 32 days left and already funded over 50% of their goal. I talked to Rob and Boubou about their project and the upcoming album ...

50K MUSIC: Please tell us something about Thulium. Where do you come from, what are your roots?
Roberto: We come from very different places, Boubou is from France, Rob the drummer, he is from the UK, Jock our bassist is from South Africa, Leon is Brazilian and I come from Spain, but we all share same taste in music.

50K MUSIC: About one month ago you've started your funding project on Kickstarter. How did you find the way to crowd funding?
Boubou: We've already produced a single through a crowd-funding website before. It was released in June 2010 and featured the songs "Craving", "Running" & "90 Days Of Sorrow". It was very successful. We were actually the only British Rock band produced on that website which was great, but it was a small website and as of late, they faced financial difficulties. It became logical for us to open our music to a new audience, to a worldwide audience and through a stronger website. Kickstarter is the place to be for that.
Roberto: Yeah, this time it's proving to be more of a challenge but we've hit 50% mark and we have 30 days ahead so I think we will make it.

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Gabriel Scar: "Music That Will Speak To Your Heart"

Thanks to Gabriel for taking the time to answer my questions. Good luck with your funding. Published on June 29 2013.

  by Mario

Gabriel Scar has raised well over a half of his budget on Sellaband. I talked to him about his campaign and his upcoming debut album...

50K MUSIC: Please introduce yourself, who is Gabriel Scar? Where do you come from, what are your (musical) roots?
Gabriel: Well, Gabriel Scar is actually the artist name for Gunther Huyghe, from the small city of Willebroek, in Belgium. My musical roots start on a young age, when I became 2nd in the Belgian Championship for copper instruments. I played the cornet (a small trumpet with a warm sound). But I wasn’t really into the more classical music.

So I stopped, to become a cyclist in competition. But after an accident (broke my leg in three places) I had to stop that. That’s when I started singing. In February 2004. By the way, the SCAR in my artist name comes from the scar that is still on my left leg, after the big accident.

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Willie Stratton: "Great Feeling To Get Feedback From All Around The World"

Thanks to Willie Stratton for taking the time to answer ... I know he's touring a lot at the moment. And a big thank you to Ma Stratton for putting us in touch with Willie. :-) Published July 25 2014.

  by Mario

A little more than a month ago Willie Stratton & The Boarding Party have completed the funding for their just released album Deserter on Pledgemusic. I talked to Willie about the Pledgemusic experience, the new album and their plans for the next months ...

50K MUSIC: For a start, who is Willie Stratton? What is The Boarding Party?
Willie: I am Willie Stratton! I'm a 22 year old singer/songwriter, and the Boarding Party is a group of mean string pluckers that I play with. We've got Dave Fultz on guitar and baritone guitar, Grace Stratton on bass and occasionally smacking the floor tom, and Patrick Murphy on the drum kit.

50K MUSIC: Where do you come from? What are your (musical) roots?
Willie: I come from Bedford, which is a Nova Scotian town in Canada. It's nothing too special, just a suburban area, but it's nicely located on the harbour. My musical roots come mainly from American folk music. When I was younger I was strongly influenced by my Grandfather, who played piano and basically anything else he could get his hands on. I was also a huge fan of Woody Guthrie, and basically anything I could find that Alan Lomax recorded. I try to do what those old songsters did with a bit of a Canadian twist.

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