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Alex Highton: I've Got To Make It Work

This interview has originally been published in May 2011.

  by Mario

Alex Highton has just returned from his US trip. I talked to him about this adventure and his experiences...

50K MUSIC: You just came back from your US trip. You travelled New York, Austin and Los Angeles. Please tell us some details … first about New York …

Alex: Yeah. Just back from the most amazing trip across the US. New York was everything you would imagine it to be. Every street corner makes you feel like you're in a film. I was lucky to be staying with friends who looked after me and showed me a good time. I played three gigs in four days and for the most part they went really well.

50K MUSIC: … and what about Austin? You have joined SXSW there, haven't you?

Alex: The main reason I made trip was that an invitation to play at SXSW. Initially it looked like I wouldn't be able to go, due to the costs of getting there, etc but some very generous fans part funded it. They thought it was it, an offer like that doesn't come up everyday, and looking back they were right. I met lots of good industry people, made some friends, brought people onboard in general. Two thousand bands played the convention so its hard to stick out but my manager knows what he's doing and my showcase was a big success.

50K MUSIC: … and your third destination was L.A. Did you meet Ashton Kutcher there? Please give us all the details.

Alex: In a word. No. I only played one gig in LA, at the famous Hotel Cafe, and he couldn't make that night. Which was a pity. I nearly got arrested trying to get to touch the Hollywood sign. You're not allowed up there but no one was about, so I climbed up the hill. I ended up running away from a cop who said he was going to arrest me. I'm still officially on the run.

50K MUSIC: How do you think this trip has influenced you?

Alex: It made me realise how hard you have to work to get anywhere in this business. I missed home, my kids, my wife, and that was hard but writing songs is all I'm good at. So I've got to make it work. I made some really good contacts too.

50K MUSIC: Did you get some new ideas for new songs maybe?

Alex: Yeah. I think so. stuff seems to come to me out of the ether so I expect my experience will manifest itself somehow. 

50K MUSIC: What about your upcoming album? When can we expect it to be released?

Alex: The plan at the moment is a single release on May 21st. Another in the summer and the album to be released properly in October. We're talking to folk at the moment about how we do this. Whether to release it ourselves or not. There are pros and cons either way.

50K MUSIC: What other plans do you have for the next few months?

Alex: Lots of gigs & make a video or two.

50K MUSIC: And last one: anything you want the world to know?

Alex: If you're in LA go to the In & Out burger. It's the best, by a mile just don't go for the "Animal" option - that's very important.

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Photos by Howard Monk