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The Deltahorse: "We Carve Out A Dirty Soundtrack For The Night"

Thanks to Sash and Vadim for taking the time to answer my questions. Published April 14 2015.

  by Mario

A few days ago Sash from The Deltahorse got in touch to ask if I could support their crowdfunding campaign on Musicraiser. When digging deeper into their music and corresponding with Sash for a while I was overwhelmed by their commitment. I can't in no sense understand why they haven't reached their funding goal yet. So if you love their music as much as I do please consider to pledge.

I talked to Sash and Vadim about their special way to make music together, the crowdfunding experience and their upcoming album ...

50K MUSIC: Who is The Deltahorse? First of all please tell us a bit about the band.
Sash: Mario, let me first thank you for having us! We appreciate this opportunity, thanks for taking an interest in The Deltahorse. We are an Indie/Alternative band comprised of three members who have never been altogether in the same place at the same time. We are scattered over the globe so we don’t know each other really well. But we appreciate and feel each other, even though there’s this bloody virtual gap standing in the way. If I were to describe our sound I would say The Deltahorse are probably your gritty soundtrack for a night out in a shady bar. Joshua Pickard of nooga.com once described our sound as ’mammoth slabs of thunderous bass, sax riffs and thudding melodies’.

Vadim: The Deltahorse is a huge mix of all different sounds and textures. There is a bit of everything in it and that's why it is so captivating. I personally never have an idea about the next track that Sash will be sending to myself, but one thing for sure - it is always a pleasant surprise. Dana's work just makes me speechless, especially his smooth jazzy saxophone riffs (I am a sucker for that). So to summarize my thoughts on this one, I do not know how we make it work, but one thing for definite - it does work for sure and it causes tingling in my toes (in a good way of course).

50K MUSIC: Since you've never met your bandmates, how do we have to imagine the creation of your songs?
Sash: You know, I met Dana (Colley, former sax player in Morphine) only once back in 2013. But we never recorded, never played together. Same goes for Vadim who took over vocal duties for our latest release of ’Easy Life’ and now rides in the horse’s saddle. Since the three of us are hailing from Berlin-Boston-Belfast it’s a bit challenging to meet up for rehearsals, so we avoid them. We float each other some demos and tracks by calling the virtual whiteboard of file swapping our friend. Typically Dana and Vadim would send me back something that’d totally blow my socks off and we take it from there. It’s more than just using modern technology. We don’t see each other’s spontaneous reactions or facial expressions so our beauty secret is to allow the collective ego to breathe rather than let personal ego stand in the way of something.
Vadim: Actually, it is Sash who is feeding us with some mind blowing tracks to which we are later adding whatever else is needed to complete the painting. He is the main mechanic of this machine. The engine so to speak.

50K MUSIC: You've started the crowdfunding campaign for your upcoming album on MusicRaiser early in March. Are you happy with how it goes so far?
Sash: The personalized support we are receiving from the folks at MusicRaiser is top notch. With Daniel Plentz and Francesco Caprai giving us solid instructions along the way and even before the very start of our campaign it’s been much easier for us to stay focused. And there are a lot of traps waiting in line if you don’t take care of a few things. It’s not rocket science, but you better do your homework prior to starting a fund campaign. Here’s where the experienced staff at MusicRaiser can help you. I would say their one-on-one service for musicians is probably what makes them stand out against their competitors. We did our homework though. We put some effort into making our campaign an entertaining and rewarding one for all parties involved.

50K MUSIC: You're now almost at 65% of your funding goal of $4.500. How do you convince people to support your campaign?
Sash: I would like to think that first and foremost it is our own signature sound and special story that might make people wanting to throw us a pledge. It totally surprised me when MusicRaiser’s own IT staff pledged to us. Go figure! What I also learned is that music fundraising requires different strategies than any other fundraising. People support you because they feel emotionally connected to you, not because you invented a great product. So it’s crucial to pay attention as to why you do what you do rather than what you do. I believe the rewards are important too. Take your time and come up with great, personalized rewards. It’s worth it. That’s one thing we did. Other than that we reach out on a personal basis, make phone calls, send personalized emails, get in touch with music bloggers who reviewed or interviewed us but also push our campaign on all social media available to us. If you don’t have a lot of followers on FB it’s always going to be your inner circle of friends and family who will make a difference.

50K MUSIC: When reaching the first stretch goal at $7.000 you'd be able to promote the album. What's your backup plan for promoting the album if you won't reach this stretch goal?
Sash: Work two full time jobs at the same time because just one isn’t going to cut it. Never sleep because then the album is never going to be finished. Pay thousands of $ for a solid three-month press and radio promotion, earn less than $1K from selling our album in return. This is reality. I think most people out there know nothing about what it takes to be a musician these days and release new albums. We all need to understand that funding or pre-ordering an album is the future model for 99% of us musicians. De La Soul to The Subways... even popular acts are doing it this way.

50K MUSIC: But I think you're optimistic to reach your minimum goal of $4.500, aren't you? How are you going to celebrate this?
Sash: We carve out a dirty soundtrack for the night so we might end up in dingy dive bars. Alone, glass of whiskey in our hand. Take a seat at the bar surrounded by people who have no other place to go to. Then you will see us turn our mobile phones on and all of a sudden talk to each other by starting a video conference call via Skype. Raise our glasses and tell the bartenders to serve drinks to the crowd while we shout ‘Champagne, champagne for everyone!!’. But you better ask me again on the last day of our fundraising campaign, preferably if we succeeded.

50K MUSIC: Could you please unveil some details of the new album ... how will it sound, when will it be out?
Sash: Yes.
Vadim: It should be in the cinemas near you this fall. Coming Soon...


50K MUSIC: Have you ever thought about how to manage to play a tour?
Sash: Excellent question, Mario! Going on tour or playing shows with just one album released and a few hundred or thousand followers on FB usually means pay to play. But nonetheless! Yes, playing a tour is what we would love to do next! I guess this can be realized only if we manage to win over some sponsors or festivals. We might also consider to go again with MusicRaiser in order to fund our tour. This is another service that sets them apart. Let’s keep fingers crossed.

50K MUSIC: ... and if you'll find a solution for this, when will see you on stage for the first time?
Sash: Hmm. In 2016, what do you say?

50K MUSIC: What else do you plan for the next few months apart from producing and promoting the new album?
Sash: Work two full time jobs at the same time because just one isn’t going to cut it. Never sleep because...

50K MUSIC: And last one - anything you want your fans and Raisers to know?
Vadim: I personally would like to thank everyone out there who has already contributed their time and funds to The Deltahorse. And a big thanks in advance to all the future supporters out there that are yet to come. We should all get together for a party to celebrate the release of The Deltahorse’s debut album this fall. Keep an eye on it. Thank you!
Sash: Thanks again for taking an interest, Mario! All the best to you and readers of 50K MUSIC MAG!