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Lucia Lilikoi: "This Is The Transformation Of Pain Into Beauty"

Lucia's crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo is still running ... support her with her upcoming album Vessel. Published April 13 2015.

  by Mario

Lucia Lilikoi is well known among Sellaband believers. In 2008 she funded her album Tame The Night with the support of her fans. Now she's back with her new album Vessel and we can create something great again together. I talked to Lucia about her current Indiegogo campaign ...

50K MUSIC: It's been a while since we've talked. I think it was about 6 years ago. How has the world been treating you since then?
Lucia: Hi! it's been a while indeed. I moved to the Bay Area of San Francisco about 3 years ago, where I've met people in the consciousness movement, misfits and freaks like myself. I have been teaching a lot and wrote the original score for a documentary film about renewable energy last year. Building a vegetable garden and learning about the natural beauty here. Oh, I've also been writing, recording and producing songs for my new album, Vessel.

50K MUSIC: For everyone who doesn't know you already, please tell us a bit about yourself. Where do you come from, what are your roots?
Lucia: I'm trying to figure that out myself! I come from the stars, like most of us. But I was born in Sevilla, Spain, and grew up in a town near Madrid called Majadahonda. When I was 16 my whole family embarked on a trip across the Ocean to Malibu, California. Since then I lived in Boston, travelled around a lot and now I live in Marin, north of San Francisco.

50K MUSIC: You've just started your Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for your upcoming album. Are you happy with the progress so far?
Lucia: I am very grateful to my friends and fans who've supported me thus far. It's not easy to ask for money or to give it, but it's also not easy to make quality music without funds and we need to support the arts and emerging artists. I wish everyone realized how one preorder of the album or small contribution makes a whole lot of difference, it creates momentum. We have 3 weeks to go and at 20 percent of the goal. So please... contribute now! Your action makes all the difference.

50K MUSIC: You offer a number of very personal perks. Please tell us a bit about them.
Lucia: I'm offering things I'm good at, like voice and piano lessons, singing circles, private concerts, and original art prints. My friends have donated astrology readings and guitar lessons, and there's even a boat ride in Sausalito with the band serenading you. I tried to make it fun and aligned with the Vessel theme.

50K MUSIC: What will you use the funds for?
Lucia: I have funded a lot of the costs already, but there's a lot more that goes into making an album. I'm a big proponent of the album format because you can really get lost in the music, and that is a precious thing nowadays. Funds will go towards recording final vocals at a top of the line studio called Fantasy, mixing, mastering, musician fees, engineers and co-producer Julie Wolf, who besides being a badass in the studio is an incredible pianist, she was in Ani Difranco's band for almost twenty years. Then there's album duplication (CD and vinyl), artwork, etc.

50K MUSIC: Have you noticed any differences between your former crowdfunding campaign and the current one?
Lucia: The Sellaband campaign lasted for about two years and this one is only 45 days, which is a bit nerve wracking. When I joined Sellaband, crowd funding was unheard of and people thought I was insane for trying it out. Today crowd funding is so ubiquitous that it takes a different type of engaging people, everyone is saturated with information and it takes a lot of reminding. Both have their difficulties and pros.

50K MUSIC: Are you still in touch with any of your Sellaband believers? Do they support you on Indiegogo as well?
Lucia: I am! I've kept in touch with some of my believers who have supported me with Vessel, thank you! I'd love to see more support from the Sellaband community and ex-pats... I'm over the moon with the new album and I think they would love it.

50K MUSIC: What can fans expect from the new album? Could we have a sneak prelisten?
Lucia: Vessel is about the heroine's journey across the ocean. It's a water album, our connection to water, to emotional depth, to this precious gift we have. The songs are quite reflective and the album follows the arch of a odyssey, interludes included. I love the textures and weird sounds that have come out so far, the collaborations of extraordinary musicians have added a lot to it. Yes, you can have a prelisten, enjoy :)

50K MUSIC: What else are you planning for the next few months apart from producing and promoting the album?
Lucia: Touring. I have the touring bug, I want these songs out in the open reaching new ears, I want the songs to breathe. I look forward to traveling and playing music live.

50K MUSIC: And last one - anything you want your fans and funders to know?
Lucia: There's magic in things we do for love. This album is that for me. My emotional make-up, past and present experiences, my psyche, broken dreams and enlivening hopes are all embedded in Vessel. It's a Neptunian world of sorts and I'm welcoming listeners into it. This is the transformation of pain into beauty. I'm very excited to share this album. I'm a hard worker and fully devoted to my craft and in order to finish this album I need your help. If you can contribute, tell a friend in person about the project, write a blog entry or sponsor the project in a big way, this is how the album is going to happen. Thank you in advance for reading and for being part of this journey with me.

This is Lucia's first crowdfunded album ...