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Sasha Daniel: My Heart Is In My Music

Thanks to Sasha for taking the time to answer (and sorry for being late with publishing the Q&A). Photo by Alexander Kinik. Published December 07 2014.

  by Mario

It's been a while since I've talked to Sasha but due to being a bit ill and really busy over the last weeks I haven't managed to publish it earlier (so some questions might not be as current as they should be). But there's still time to support her debut album project on Kickstarter. Enjoy reading ...

50K MUSIC: For a start, who are you?  Please tell us a bit about yourself.
Sasha: Hey! I am Sasha. I'm a Brooklyn based musician and i'm a serious traveler so nothing is ever set in stone. By this time next year I might be in Berlin or Tel Aviv or Colorado :) It seems like I'm constantly shifting my destiny. Or at least I want to believe I do, despite the knowledge that density is really not up for me to design. When I was 6 my (musician) parents took me, my brother and everything they owned and moved to israel. At the age of seven I started dancing and never left the stage since. Inspiration is my biggest friend, patience is my hardest lesson, gratitude makes me stronger and LOVE is everything to me. I'm an eternal optimist but at the same time extremely realistic and grounded. I still didn't figure out if this combination is a blessing or a curse. But it's who I am so i guess it's a blessing! Man, I feel like i just wrote a bio for a dating site :)

50K MUSIC: Where do you come from (musically)? What are your musical roots?
Sasha: I always wanted to answer this question in depth but never had the opportunity. Maybe now is my chance! Until i started singing in a choir at the age of 11 i didn't really know anything about music. I knew top-ten pop songs from parties at elementary school and Maria Cary of the 90's from VH1. Only when I went to the choir I discovered the Beatles, classical music, Russian folk, baroque and what not. I started listening to everything i could get my hands on. From Green Day to Chopin. I discovered Tori Amos when I was 14 and was blown away by Boys For Pele. That album really changed my life and the way i listened to music. A year later I started singing standards and really got into jazz. With time i moved away from that and started discovering the bands and musicians that really influenced me as a song writer. The past ten years shaped me tremendously as a musician and thorough artists like Fink, Emiliana Torrini, Radiohead, Bonobo, Ane Brun, Jono McCleery and MANY MORE I didn't only understand what I LOVED and what moved me but also realized how I wanted my career to look like. These musicians are not just talented people ‫-‬ they are extremely inspirational and fascinating human beings.

50K MUSIC: A few days ago you've started your Kickstarter project. Please tell us a bit about this crowdfunding experience.
Sasha: So far it has been incredible and people are very very generous. I'm learning that it's all about being open, honest and vulnerable. The Art Of Asking by Amanda Palmer is a real practice that I truly believe in. It works. We are all connected somehow and people want to share experiences with one another. We just have to be brave enough to let each other in. It's not about raising money. It's about creating something we ALL believe in and sharing it. It feels like a community already.

50K MUSIC: How did you find the way to Kickstarter?
Sasha: I've been thinking about Kickstarter for a while now. I've always loved the projects I've seen and was amazed by the support people were getting. Dov (my musical partner) and I started talking about raising money last winter already. Everything we set for ourselves we accomplished, and that's why I believe we will concure this mountain as well.

50K MUSIC: You've got the support of 25 Backers so far. How are you going to convince people to support you with your project?
Sasha: First, Dov and I have a show at the end of the month. Thats a great way for people to see what we are doing and pledge. Then i'm going to reach out to literally all the people I know and ask for their support. As simple as that. I worked VERY hard on the video with my dear friends that created Cultation. In my opinion the video is extremely important for campaigns like mine. I always pledge to projects when the video moves me in some way. I am also going to spread out the word through an instagram project and work with an incredible photographer and friend Omar Z. Robles on some new exciting shots. I love staying creative and I always try to think outside of the box.

50K MUSIC: You're raising funds for your debut album. What kind of album can fans and backers expect?
Sasha: We are self producing something groovy, dark at times but optimistic at heart, with a lot of layers and harmonies. The final result Is an enigma but that's why it‫'‬s so exciting. If I have to put my music under a genre umbrella I'‬ll say it‫'‬s indie pop‫.‬ But labeling yourself like that as a musician robs you from the freedom of being who you are in THIS given moment so I try and stay away from definitions‫.‬

50K MUSIC: What else are you planning for the next few months apart from producing and, I suppose, promoting the album?
Sasha: I'm planning on performing as much as possible, visit Israel after recording to take a break from the cold and ‫ ‬ recharge‫.‬ Then start planning my summer tour in the States. That's going to be a LOT of work.

50K MUSIC: And last one: anything else you want your fans and backers to know?
Sasha: I want everyone to know that my heart is in my music and that i'm endlessly grateful for all the love an support I'm getting. Take a leap of faith. You won't regret it.