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Introducing One Spark Berlin Music Creators (6): Somebody Else

Thanks to Fisal and Tino of Somebody Else for taking the time to answer my questions. Published November 08 2014.

  by Mario

About two months ago creators and supporters celebrated first One Spark Festival in Europe at Platoon Kunsthalle in Berlin. We continue to introduce the music creators who showcased their music there ... today the audience prize winners Somebody Else. I talked to Fisal and Tino about this new live experience and what they expect from joining next year's One Spark in Jacksonville ...

50K MUSIC: Who are Somebody Else? Please tell us a bit about the band.
Tino: Somebody Else is based in Berlin, Germany. We started working together a year ago, Fisal Campbell the singer, originally from New York City, and me, Tino Kowalewsky the keyboard player and producer wrote songs and gathered musicians for recordings and live performance in order to form the band. Since Mai 2014 the band is complete with Thilo Brandt on drums, Raphael Seidel on bass, Matti Michalschek (guitar), Lisa Buchholz (trumpet) and Niko Zeidler (Saxophone). On a lot of our recordings also Milan Kowalewsky play the drums. We wrote over 30 Songs so far and put out a couple of music videos. Our first album is out since april, for download, streaming and CD.
Fisal: As a band we standing for unitiy, truth, and freedom of expression. And honest fun J.

50K MUSIC: Where do you come from (musically)?
Tino: I would say we are fishing in our subconscious oceans of everything we ever heard and that had an impact on our hearts. And there is only one reason doing a song the way we do: we like it that way. And when you call it soul or funk or pop or reggae or what ever… you´re welcome. We feel free. And we are surrounded by people who work with us in the same way. Videographers, dancers, body artists, they are all gifted people, we would say!

50K MUSIC: You've decided to apply for One Spark Start: Berlin. Why?
Tino: We saw OneSpark on the booking platform GIGMIT and were directly conviced by the idea to connect ideas to draw more attention, I mean to combine music, art, science, technics and invention. And we liked the idea to let just people vote who are there in person.

50K MUSIC: At the end of the festival you were the lucky winners of the attendees' voting award in music category. Did you expect to win?
Tino: This was a fun day! We had a showcase but also a booth like everybody. We performend almost the whole time in a green corner outside of Platoon Hall in Berlin where everything was taking place. We did around 6 hours of music! And for the first time we did it unplugged and had so much fun because everything worked out just with a very basic setup. And we felt that the people really enjoyed our music, danced with us and a had good time, some even cried. But we had no clue who was voting who. And we didn’t care. And when we saw our name at the winning ceremony it felt kind of unreal – never expected.
Fisal: OneSpark displays some of the most interesting ideas that we´ve seen and I it was fun to visit other artists and creative thinkers. It was interesting and it felt like home.

50K MUSIC: How have you celebrated your success?
Tino: We stayed up all night and got lucky (haha). It was shocking to see how people reacted to our music.
Fisal: ... so many hearts opened up to us, some even said that they already felt a connection to us and others that our music inspired them to be more creative.

50K MUSIC: In addition to the cheque for your share of the funding you'll get the chance to showcase your music at One Spark Jacksonville in April next year. How are you going to prepare for this trip?
Tino: Good question! We performed once before OneSpark (in the Junction Bar in Berlin) and now we got an invitation to OneSpark USA. We will have the chance to play in front of a good crowd a 90 min set and we hope to impress them with our songs and our performance.

50K MUSIC: And what else are you planning for the next few months?
Tino: Right now we work on videos, recordings. We are always busy because it´s so much fun and the energy is high. And we are doing a christmas song, this will be fun!

50K MUSIC: Word has it that you're working on a new album at the moment. If that's right, please tell us more.
Fisal: Yeah, we´re about to pick the songs for the second album, finish the mixes and do everything for the release. Hopefully we can raise enough money to have an amazing album release party.

50K MUSIC: And last one: anything you want your One Spark supporters to know?
Fisal: We appreciate all of them having been there, voting and contributing at OneSpark Berlin. We would like to see you girls and guys there at OneSpark in Jacksonville to party hard core with Somebody Else ;)