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The Subways: "We Wouldn't Be Here Without You All"

Thanks to Charlotte for taking the time to answer my questions. The Subways will be touring UK and Europe over the next few months and you can get yourself (+1) a spot on the guest list for a Continent gig of your choice ... we give away 2x2 free tickets to those (two) who are the first to email to mario(at)50kmusic.com ... so hurry up and get your tickets. Photos: top by Greig Clifford, below by David Baird. Published October 24 2014.

  by Mario

We featured The Subways back in March 2011 when they funded their album Money and Celebrity on Pledgemusic. Now they're back again for a pre-order campaign to get their upcoming self-titled album out in February next year. I talked to Charlotte about funding, touring and the plans for the next months ...

50K MUSIC: It's been a while since we talked last time, I guess it was back in March 2011. How has the world been treating you since then?
Charlotte: We had an awesome time touring the Money & Celebrity album, visiting places like South Africa & Russia for the first time & returning to places we love like Germany. This year we've been mainly working on the new album, but have also done quite a few festivals over the summer, including some of our favourites like Hurricane/Southside & Taubertal.

50K MUSIC: You've just started a new campaign on Pledgemusic to fund your upcoming album. Please tell us a bit about this Pledgemusic project.
Charlotte: We used Pledgemusic to fund the recording of our 3rd album, but this time round we're using it as a platform so we can release the 4th album how we want to. We had the idea of a split album release, with the first 6 songs available to download now if you pre order the album which will be released in February. Pledgemusic also gives us the freedom to offer fans some cool bundles, like a gig ticket & an album or a t shirt & an album.

50K MUSIC: Are you happy with how it goes so far?
Charlotte: It's been really exciting to have new songs out already - it was a lot of fun playing new songs over the summer!

50K MUSIC: There's a comic story about the band going along with the campaign. Please tell us something about this idea.
Charlotte: A fan from Budapest called Zash posted a poster design in our Facebook page & we thought it looked really cool. We loved the cartoon versions of ourselves & that's what inspired the idea for the comic. We've been working with Zash on the storyboard & we're really pleased with how it's turned out.

50K MUSIC: And how about the album? It will come out in February 2015. What should we expect?
Charlotte: It's a true Subways sounding record - rock songs made to be played live! Billy has produced the album, & I think he's done an awesome job with the production!

50K MUSIC: You're touring the UK and Ireland at the moment. Have you played some of the new stuff already?
Charlotte: We're playing a mix of songs from the 3 albums & also a few from the 4th album. The new songs seem to be going down really well, which is exciting for us!

50K MUSIC: … and when will we see you at venues on the Continent again?
Charlotte: We have a long European tour in February - April next year & we really can't wait! There'll be a lot of crazy shows & we visit some of our favourite places.

50K MUSIC: And last one – anything you want all Pledgers and fans to know?
Charlotte: Thank you for all your support - we wouldn't be here without you all. We love touring & being on stage - thank you for allowing us to do that!