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Blaudzun: "I Believe An Artist Should Take Risks To Produce Art"

Thanks to Blaudzun for taking the time to answer my questions. Blaudzun will be on tour through Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands from Oct 23 and you can get yourself (+1) a spot on the guest list for a gig of your choice ... we give away 2x2 free tickets to those (two) who are the first to email to mario(at)50kmusic.com ... so hurry up and get your tickets. Photos: top by Andreas Terlaak, below by R. van Vliet. Published October 18 2014.

  by Mario

In May this year we've added Blaudzun's latest album Promises Of No Man's Land to our Just Discovered section. Now he's about to tour Europe over the next months. I've talked to him about the album, playing live and a bit about his view on music crowdfunding ...

50K MUSIC: I guess the first thing everyone will stumble over is the name Blaudzun. What do you have in common with a Danish cyclist from the 1970s?
Blaudzun: I have nothing in common with the guy except that we both love cycling. I'm a big cycling fan. I go to races and watch the classics and the big tours like the Tour de France. I fell in love with the sound of the word Blaudzun when I read about him and kept it as my stage name since. It's not a tribute to the rider.

50K MUSIC: What would you regard as your musical roots? Are there any musical role models?
Blaudzun: As a child I grew up with Dylan, Paco de Lucia, Johnny Cash, opera and lots of spiritual music. Later on I discovered The Beatles, Bowie, Nirvana and lots of hip hop and metal music. That was quite a defining period for me I guess.

50K MUSIC: You've relased your new album Promises Of No Man's Land in March this year. You've worked on it with utmost secrecy. Please tell us something about this.
Blaudzun: I recorded my debut album in 2007 and nobody was waiting for it, nobody was expecting something from me. I wanted it to be like that again. That's why I wanted to keep it quiet. I didn't want to have to answer questions from friends, followers or journalists such as ‘How are things going with your album?’ or ‘When can we hear some new songs?’. It's my way to protect the process of recording and writing from the outside world and to avoid that the process becomes affected by it.

50K MUSIC: And how has the album been received by your fans? What feedback did you get?
Blaudzun: Most people responded very enthusiastic immediately. When the first song Euphoria was dropped online and later on Promises of No Man's Land was released as a single old fans but also people that didn't know Blaudzun went frantic.

50K MUSIC: And how have you experienced this summer's big festivals like Hurricane, Southside and Pukkelpop? Have you noticed any differences between the crowds when playing the festivals?
Blaudzun: I really enjoyed last Summer. Being on those big stages and be able to meet new audiences and get your music out there is a great thing to do. I think audiences in Europe don't differ so much from each other. They're out there to enjoy a good beer, love and good music.

50K MUSIC: You're well known in Belgium and the Netherlands. Now you're about to reach more new fans with your upcoming tour across Germany, Switzerland and Scandinavia. How do you prepare for it?
Blaudzun: Actually it's not different from touring in the Benelux or touring in the US. But maybe I should practice my German a little bit better this time.

50K MUSIC: What do you like most - playing festivals or rather club gigs?
Blaudzun: Please don't make me choose! Festivals are great but the intimacy of a club show is also something that I cherish. I love both.

50K MUSIC: 50K MUSIC MAG focusses on crowdfunded Indie Music. Would you consider crowdfunding to finance your music as well?
Blaudzun: I never considered crowd funding for my music. I often support crowd fund projects when it comes to science or environmental projects. But with art or music projects I think it's far more complicated. Asking friends or family, or asking a businessman to invest in your musical career can be a smart thing to do. But why ask the public to pay in front for still to be produced music that maybe they might not even like at all. Let the public decide to buy your songs after they heard them. I believe an artist should take risks to produce art.

50K MUSIC: And last one - anything you want your fans to know?
Blaudzun: I'm pretty excited about a new single that's coming out on October 22nd. It's a song that I wrote for the Tour de France 2015 that will start in Utrecht (The Netherlands) and it has a different sound compared to my previous songs. The video that comes with it will blow your socks off.

Don't forget to drop me a line in order to get your free tickets. :-)