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Introducing One Spark Berlin Music Creators (5): Frederik Knop

Published September 10 2014.

  by Mario

Belongings is the 5th music creator project of One Spark Start: Berlin I'd like to introduce today. I talked to Frederik (Freddy) Knop about what he expects from taking part at the festival ...

50K MUSIC: Who are you? Please tell us a bit about you.
Frederik: Hey, I am a Berlin based composer and mastering engineer. Before founding my own mastering studio in 2013 (Listeners Mastering) I was a musicologist phd candidate and lecturer, specialized on 20th century music and audio technology. I also support my family’s business Adam Audio whereever I can. Having released a bunch of experimental and beatrelated EPs with Mush Records (Los Angeles, CA) and Circle Into Square (Portland, OR), I currently work on a solo record called Belongings.

50K MUSIC: Where do you come from (musically)?
Frederik: I started listening to a lot of post-hardcore music (like Fugazi, Quicksand, The Promise Ring, Hot Water Music etc.) and 90s golden era hiphop (especially the native tongues) in my teenage years. A little later I got really obsessed with classical and contemporary experimental music by composers such as Morton Feldman, Karlheinz Stockhausen and György Ligeti. It`s a pretty wild mix I guess.

50K MUSIC: You've decided to apply for One Spark Berlin? Why?
Frederik: Being a freelancer is still pretty new to me and it`s quite important to keep your eyes open when opportunities like this occur. When I red about One Spark I immediately thought that the album that I am working on would be a great fit to the festival. There is a lot of Berlin in it and it features a somewhat special approach towards recording and composing.

50K MUSIC: What is your project Belongings all about?
Frederik: Belongings brings to life the acoustics of the Berlin oldschool, chaotically sprawling apartment, which my father has been living in for over forty years. The album is all about recording, archiving, and rearranging the apartments inner acoustical life by turning it into music. Many people, composer friends, remote relatives, other obsure visitors stayed in this place over the decades, leaving furniture, records, instruments, typewriters and other objects behind. I recorded hundreds of characteristic sounds: the creaking and squeaking of floors and doors, the swishing of book pages being turned, running water or dripping faucets, kitchen utensils rattling in drawers, mistuned old instruments. My aim is to “play” the apartment as a musical instrument, and to use its materiality as the source for a musical rediscovery.

50K MUSIC: ... and what do you expect from taking part at this crowdfunding event?
Frederik: I cant really tell since I was never involved in anything like this. It feels a little weird to be part of what is essentially a competition but of course I am very excited to be able to present my current work to a lot of new faces.

50K MUSIC: How do you prepare for One Spark?
Frederik: I am trying to come up with a very basic, yet stylish looking booth design and of course I will practice for my small set which happens at around 2.45pm. Also: inviting a lot of friends, which is easy when you are a Berliner :)

50K MUSIC: And last one: anything you want your fans and future One Spark supporters to know?
Frederik: This video, which was filmed and edited by Felix Zimmermann gives a short but substantial insight into the concept and music of Belongings. I hope you like it. Please come and say hi if you can make it to the festival. Belongings will be released on vinyl and digital next year. Thank you!

Freddy Knop (Berlin): Belongings from ponkmusic on Vimeo.