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Death Metal Without Borders - Defect Designer Going International With New Album

Published November 23 2013.

  by Jonathan

Novosibirsk, Siberia, may not be the first place that springs to mind when you think of death metal but it’s from that land that Defect Designer originally hails. Their formation has taken quite a few twists and turns, namely the number of line-up shifts that has left Dmitry Sukhinin the lone original member and of course the band leader. He’s also relocated to Norway, to avail of a work opportunity.

“We have quite a complicated case about the band,” says Dmitry. “[Novosibirsk] is a million and a half by population but we’ve always struggled with musicians in the city and we managed to do the first record [Wax].”

Nevertheless the band, though its line-up fragile at the time, were determined to record this first record, Wax, and even did so in Hertz Studio in Białystok, Poland, which has housed some Polish death metal greats such as Vader and Decapitated. That however was nearly five years ago and much has changed for Defect Designer.

“After a couple of years of struggling within the band I got an offer to join the company [I work for] in Norway that I accepted so basically I had to re-establish the band from the very beginning,” explains Dmitry, clearly laden with several obstacles in trying to get Defect Designer off the ground. The band’s second album is now, unsurprisingly, turning into an international affair.

Launching a crowd-funding campaign on Music Raiser, Dmitry has successfully raised the desired $1,500 (€1,100) to record the new record with some high profile names, including one Flo Mounier of Cryptopsy. The Montreal death metal drummer has long been a luminary in the field of extreme metal drumming and Dmitry is quite proud to have him involved but how did this come about?

“The drummer from Defect Designer that used to play with us for a few years, he was taking video lessons,” he explains. “I got confirmation that it was [Flo] so I just wrote a letter about our issue and the drum parts that we have; they are really challenging so this album is extremely fast. It’s got a lot of technical and fast elements, basically inspired by this guy.

“I was just happy that he said yes. We had really good timing and planning. The recording process that he did was really fast, just a few days. I was going to ask him about some of the peculiar features in the drum parts and he said well, we have it all done!”

Defect Designer’s international collaborations stretch next to Greece with members of symphonic death metallers Septicflesh after Dmitry wrote to guitarist and keyboardist Christos Antoniou. “I wanted to have some samples of orchestra, some keyboards in addition to guitars to make it sound more interesting, catchy,” says Dmitry who explained to Antoniou the position he found himself in with a lack of musicians to work with. Antoniou would then put Defect Designer in touch with Stelios Mavromitis, one time live guitarist with Septicflesh, to help out with guitar duties on the record.

“I said we struggle a bit with other musicians as well and he responded quite fast that he’s got a nice guy that was filling in as a live guitar player in Septicflesh. We gave it to him to try two songs from the album and I couldn’t expect it to be that good,” says Dmitry of Stelios. “He’s really a machine.”

Dmitry has now booked studio time in Greece to complete the album’s remaining parts, in Devasoundz Studio in Athens, another notable studio that has worked with many great Greek metal bands like Rotting Christ. “We have all the album composed, drums recorded, guitars will start [soon],” he says “and then in December I will finish vocals and bass. That’s the plan for December. I return back to Oslo at Christmas on the 24th of December.”

With an early 2014 release date in mind and the album fully funded, it raises the question of how Dmitry plans on bringing this next Defect Designer album, as yet untitled, to the masses. Having released Wax with Italian label My Kingdom Music, would he consider working with them again to release and distribute the record?

“They did a perfect job for the first record, actually it wasn’t that commercial maybe, but we got 18 or more endorsement contracts from musical companies. Which is something I am really proud of,” says Dmitry but there are no immediate plans to sign on with any labels just yet.

Nor are there plans to play live any time soon as the band haven’t done so since their last stable line-up when based in Russia and with the international circumstances of this next, there isn’t anything on the horizon just yet. The priority is completing the record with an early 2014 release date in mind.