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Die Happy: "Discover The Power Of Our Fans"

Published November 21 2013.

  by Mario

Die Happy are celebrating 20 years of band history with a Pledgemusic campaign. And their fans are ready to back the new album - Die Happy have reached more than 130% of their goal and still 97 days left to pledge. I talked to Thorsten Mewes, guitarist of the band, about the direct-to-fan experience and the new album ...

50K MUSIC MAG: It's been a while since we heard of Die Happy. Your album "Red Box" came out back in 2010. What happened since then?
Thorsten: After touring the album and an incredible accoustic tour 2011 we had to celebrate our 1000th show, which was released on DVD and CD in Autumn 2012. I became a father in 2011 and Marta brought her daughter into the world in 2013 so we´ve been busy in family works too. So this year was the year of studio for the next album.

50K MUSIC MAG: Most people will know your 2000 hit single "Supersonic Speed". Do people still associate your music with this one song?
Thorsten: It was one of our biggest hits and I guess, we are musically still not too far away from that kind of music.

50K MUSIC MAG: You've left the Major and got signed by an Indie label. What does it mean for the band and your music?

Thorsten: We went back to an old friend, who brought us to BMG Music in 1999 but left us there for his new label. 10 years later we finally got back to each other. Now we are producing the albums without any restrictions through our label and we can decide who does which work for example promotion, who takes the pictures, shoots the videos and so on. In the end we also have a very special financial deal which is way more fair than the years before. So all in all: We are independent now, with a label who trusts us and a major distributor.

50K MUSIC MAG: At the moment you're running a Pledgemusic campaign to get support for your upcoming album. Please tell us something about this direct-to-fan experience.
Thorsten: We are in the 20th year of our bandhistory and thought, it´s time to experience new ways. The direct to fan thing was always very important to us and pledge gave us the tool, to discover the power of our fans. In just 16 days we reached our target - what an overwhelming success. And it is just perfect to deliver some special items like signed cds direct to our fans. On the other hand it´s a perfect way to support the upcoming album, as the fans talk about it very early and the media has something to write about, just not in the week before the release. So we started to promote our new album already 6 month pre release - this is a fantastic opportunity.

50K MUSIC MAG: How did you find the way to Pledgemusic?
Thorsten: Crowd funding became a bigger theme during our last album, when we had to invest a lot of money, due to the fact, that we are 50/50 business partners with our label. Actually we had our own little funding thing going on already in 1999 - it was called SUPPORT THE ROCK and we collected money for our tourbus. So if you look at it in that perspective, we are crowdfunding dinosaurs :-)

50K MUSIC MAG: What kind of album can we expect?
Thorsten: It will be a rocking album including very intimate lyrics and sensational perfectly written songs :-) No for sure: I know, the fans will love it !!! We do at least.

50K MUSIC MAG: Back in February 2012 you've played your 1000th gig. When and where will we see you on stages again?
Thorsten: We start playing our traditional after christmas tour and in march / april we will be touring in germany, playing 16 shows.

50K MUSIC MAG: What does it mean to you to play live?
Thorsten: Everything

50K MUSIC MAG: What comes next for Die Happy, any other plans for the next few months except working on the album?
Thorsten: We concentrate on the album now, play the tour and a lot of festivals in summer 2014 and in 2015 we definitely want to get on stage again with our accoustic set.

50K MUSIC MAG: And last one: anything else you want your fans and Pledgers to know?
Thorsten: Thank you so much for the support, trust and energy through all those years !!!