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Pet The Preacher: "Turn This Band Into Something Unique"

Sadly Pet The Preacher are going to cancel their Sellaband project. I talked to Christian about their reasons. Thanks Christian for answering. Published on June 29 2013.

  by Mario

If you've supported Pet The Preacher on Sellaband there are bad news: they're going to stop their crowdfunding campaign. The good news is, that they won't stop Rocking. I talked to Christian about the reasons why they cancel crowdfunding their upcoming album and about the album itself...

50K MUSIC: Who are Pet The Preacher? Where do you come from, what are your roots and who are your heroes?
Christian: Basically, we are a power-trio from Copenhagen. Torben on bass, Christian on drums and I, Christian, play guitar and sing. We play heavy, blues-infused music, inspired from all spectres of the musical landscape. We are different and have different tastes, but all the classics like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Queen, Aerosmith are a big influence. Also bands like Kylesa, Baroness, Kyuss, Metallica, Down, High On Fire, Pentagram and so many other great acts, inspire us everyday.

50K MUSIC: You've just started funding your second album on Sellaband. Rumour has it that you will stop the project soon. Can you unveil your reasons?
Christian: Simple, we did'nt reach our goal. We were too far from what we aimed for. Also we have found some great work-partners, so we can keep on making our art.

50K MUSIC: Does this mean you will never consider crowdfunding your music again?
Christian: We might do it at some point, when we are a bit more known. The concept is fantastic, and even though we did not accomplish what we wanted on Sellaband, we are very grateful towards all who donated. And they will know, trust me. We will not forget them.

50K MUSIC: Would you let us in on some details of your upcoming album ... when are you going to release it, what songs will be on it?
Christian: Well, if you have been to our shows lately, you already heard some of the tracks. There is a lyrical concept behind the songs, not as much as on "The Banjo", but still. It is about being stuck physically, mentally and spiritually. The title is "The Cave & The Sunlight". We cant reveal any details on release, label or anything like that yet.

50K MUSIC: Any other plans for this summer ... playing festivals or touring?
Christian: As we are preparing to record the new album in August, we only have 2 shows this summer: 11/7 at Metal Magic Festival and 27/7 at RUST in CPH.

50K MUSIC: And last one: anything you want your fans to know?
Christian: That we are trying the best we can to make some great, heavy rocking tunes, and turn this band into something unique. It us our purpose in life to play music and make art, and we can't do it without the support from all of you reading this. Thank you so very much guys. We really appreciate it. And thanks for the interview.