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Thulium: "Finish It All By Winning A Few Grammies!"

This interview was real fun, although we talked only via e-mail. Thanks to Rob and Boubou for taking the time to answer. Check out their Kickstarter project and support them. Published June 03 2013.

  by Mario

Thulium have started their Kickstarter project to fund their upcoming album about one month ago. They still have 32 days left and already funded over 50% of their goal. I talked to Rob and Boubou about their project and the upcoming album ...

50K MUSIC: Please tell us something about Thulium. Where do you come from, what are your roots?
Roberto: We come from very different places, Boubou is from France, Rob the drummer, he is from the UK, Jock our bassist is from South Africa, Leon is Brazilian and I come from Spain, but we all share same taste in music.

50K MUSIC: About one month ago you've started your funding project on Kickstarter. How did you find the way to crowd funding?
Boubou: We've already produced a single through a crowd-funding website before. It was released in June 2010 and featured the songs "Craving", "Running" & "90 Days Of Sorrow". It was very successful. We were actually the only British Rock band produced on that website which was great, but it was a small website and as of late, they faced financial difficulties. It became logical for us to open our music to a new audience, to a worldwide audience and through a stronger website. Kickstarter is the place to be for that.
Roberto: Yeah, this time it's proving to be more of a challenge but we've hit 50% mark and we have 30 days ahead so I think we will make it.

50K MUSIC: So you are happy with how your project goes so far?
Boubou: Hell yeah! We have more than 100 backers and the 50% are behind us! This is huuuuuge!
Roberto: Yes, we are very happy, it's good to see how your friends and family are helping the band and specially you are seeing people who are discovering our music helping us out because they like what they hear.

50K MUSIC: What will you use the money for?
Roberto: Booze, Alcohol and Rock and Roll, haha, and the rest of the money will go to help us produce the rest of the tracks we need to fulfil a full album up to 10 to 12 songs.
Boubou: There won't be much left for recordings haha...nah, kidding. Recording is expensive so we'll need all that money for it, trust me!

50K MUSIC: When will the new album be released? What kind of album can we expect?
Roberto: Well, if the project gets successfully funded we are planning to start recording asap, and the release date might be at the end of this year.
Boubou: And for the kind of album; if you don't know us, go on youtube and check "Craving" and "Running"; you can expect 10 similar kick-ass tracks!

50K MUSIC: You've just completed your line up again with Jock and Leon. Have you got it together yet?
Boubou: Definitely! They're great musicians but what we also really like about them are their personalities. It's so important to have fun people in a band! They're a good laugh! Great guys! I think now, we are 5 to be on the same page!
Roberto: It's been tough finding them because we started auditioning new people after our gig at 100 club last October, we got a very good response from potential band members and after four months of auditioning we think we got the right people for the job. It's amazing how we sound tighter after each rehearsal.

50K MUSIC: What else do you plan for the next few months ... touring, festivals, ...?
Roberto: Priority now is to release the album, get it done properly so we can start promoting and looking for gigs, touring and festivals.
Boubou: What are you talking about Rob? I thought that after the release of the album, the plan was to headline Download, then Sonisphere and finish it all by winning a few grammies! I mean, is it too much asking?

50K MUSIC: And last one: anything you want your fans and backers to know?
Roberto: We have plenty of powerfull and great songs ready to be recorded, and we would love to show them to the world, we just can't wait for everybody to hear what we've got and hit the stage.
Boubou: True! We've kept some gems for the future of the band, but to talk about the present, if there is one thing to know at this point in time, it's that you can get the full upcoming album by backing us up on kickstarter for as little as 1! 1 only! For 10 tracks, it's nothing! And you won't be disappointed when you'll get the tracks! The album on itunes is probably gonna be more expensive than that, haha, so yeah, I think getting involved on Kickstarter is a pretty good idea! I mean, we leave it to you to check the project and make up your mind.