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Chabliz: "Listen To Your Inner Voice"

Petra de Winter answered my questions via e-mail, interview published on Jan 22 2013

  by Mario

"Adventurous dutch pop-noir and gothic jazz band with enchanting female vocalist with a whopping four octave vocal range, using a wide range of vocal techniques." - that's how Chabliz describe themselves. They've started a very special Sellaband project to pay tribute to Screamin' Jay Hawkins. I talked to Petra de Winter about how they got together, about the funding project and their further plans:

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Ophelia Syndrome: "The Fuel That Keeps This Band Going"

Deanna Wells answered my questions via e-mail, thanks for your support Deanna. Published on February 21 2013.

  by Mario

I really have to make my amends for not featuring Ophelia Syndrome earlier. They've completed their first funding on Sellaband back in November 2010. Now the band is running their third project on the platform. I talked to Deanna Wells about it and why they feel at home on Sellaband ...

50K MUSIC: You've started your current Sellaband project in November last year. Are you happy with how it goes so far?
Deanna: Yes, we really are very happy! It is such a wonderful thing to know that we have people who are willing to pre-order our new album before it is even recorded. We have been so overwhelmed by the support that we have thus far, and we thank every single believer that we have for supporting us.

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Civilized Tears: "Keep This Music Simple And Essential"

Tim Bennett answered my questions via e-mail. Published on Feb 03 2013.

  by Mario

Civilized Tears, Tim Bennett and Bambi Monroe, are almost half way through to their funding goal on Sellaband. I talked to Tim about the project and his change of style ...

50K MUSIC: It's just over half a year since you've started your new Sellaband project, you're at 44% of your funding goal now. Are you happy with the progress so far?
Tim: Yes. We have 92 Believers and I feel incredibly honoured any time someone invests money into our career.They have put their faith and trust in my art and creative model and that means a great deal to me. Of course I'd like to see us reach 100% as soon as possible so we can make the album and show everyone our new songs.

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Burning Crows - Bravado Rock'n'Roll At It's Finest

I talked to Whippz, Lance, Will and Chris via e-mail ... thanks guys for your support ... keep on Rockin'. Published on February 23 2013.

  by Mario

... is definitely what they stand for. Hailing from England's east the Burning Crows are rocking Pledgemusic at the moment. It's still time to pledge for their debut album coming out in May. I talked to the guys about the Pledgemusic project and what else is going to happen in the next few months...

50K MUSIC: Who are The Burning Crows? Where do you come from? Please tell us something about the band.
BC: Hey Mario! We're Whippz, Lance, Will & Chris, The Burning Crows! Good time Rock n' Roll band from the Far East... of England. We've been playing up and down the country for around 3 years now, released our debut EP, completed our second full tour of the UK and Ireland and are about to return to the studio to record our debut album "Behind The Veil", after successfully reasoning more than 100% on PledgeMusic.com.

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Alex Highton: "Just Keep On Keeping On"

Thanks Alex for answering. Published June 06 2013.

  by Mario

Alex Highton has toured the Continent in April this year and played gigs in Germany, Holland and Belgium. I talked to him about the tour and his new plans for an upcoming album...

50K MUSIC: One month ago you've returned from your Germany/Netherlands/Belgium tour. I guess it's good to be back home, isn't it?
Alex: It's great to be home. I missed my family.

50K MUSIC: Please tell us something about the tour. Where has it led you to?
Alex: I went all over. I had some crazy journeys in between dates. From Berlin to Wuppertal took me 10 hours! Lots of driving, on my own, singing at the top of my voice, eating in crappy motorway cafes, talking out loud to myself, going a bit loopy, being involved in car chases on the autobahn, etc.........Like a normal tour but without the sex and drugs.

50K MUSIC: ... and hopefully you've made a lot of new friends and fans?
Alex: I certainly made a lot of new friends that's for sure. I met so many kind people who let me into their lives and looked after me. All the shows went great so I hope I made some fans. I don't see much distinction between the two to be honest.

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Menura: "Mirror To My Soul"

Menura answered my questions via e-mail. Published on Feb 12 2013.

  by Mario

Menura reached her funding goal on Sellaband in December last year. Now she's producing her upcoming album. I talked to her about how she experienced the funding on Sellaband and what we can expect from her debut album "Stay With Me"

50K MUSIC: About one month ago you've reached your funding goal on Sellaband. How do you feel now that the dust has settled?
Menura: I feel very excited about everything, can't wait to finish my album. I have just recorded song nr 7 yesterday and the last 2 songs I will record them in the coming months.

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