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Rue Royale @ Franz Mehlhose - October 19th 2013

Published October 27 2013.

  by Mario

The first time I've heard of Franz Mehlhose was when The Black Atlantic played a gig at this cosy cafe near Erfurt's city in June last year. Several times we've planned to go there to see a gig. But it never happened … until last Saturday when Rue Royale were announced to play.

So in the late afternoon we set sails for the city.

Rue Royale are on the road across Europe off and on until the end of November promoting their current album „Remedies Ahead“ which they successfully funded through the support of more than 500 backers on Kickstarter this February. On October 19th they stopped by at Franz Mehlhose for a gig.

But first came wonderful Phia, Australian singer/songwriter currently living in Berlin, the girl with the Kalimba … and the loop pedal. She opened up her half-hour gig with her single „Do You Ever?“ and melodiously warmed up the crowd for the Rue Royale show.

Then, after a short break, Ruth and Brookln entered the stage starting with „Changed My Grip“ followed by „Set Out To Discover“. I think they played the whole set of their new album and a few of the older songs like „Guide To An Escape“.

Between two songs Brookln asked the crowd if there's someone who was at their last show at Franz Mehlhose. Oddly enough no one seems to have attended their last gig. But Brookln promised to memorize every face when they'll play next time at the cafe.

Rue Royale did a really great performance this Saturday night with their wonderful songs mixed of melancholy and happiness playing in front of a very enthusiastic crowd of about 100 people who seemed to be the core of Erfurt's Rue Royale fans. Hope they enjoyed it as much as I did.