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C3S - If You Want To Change Anything - Act Now!

It's not a music crowdfunding campaign I've chosen this time, but actually it has a lot to do with music. Thanks to Wolfgang Senges co-founder of the yet to found C3S, an alternative collecting society for European artists.

  by Mario

The C3S crowdfunding campaign is still running on Startnext. It's both, collecting money for founding C3S, an alternative to established European collecting societies and attracting members for C3S. Just join and be a part of future music industry ...

50K MUSIC: C3S is about to establish an alternative to existing collecting societies in Europe. Where does this idea come from?
Wolfgang: First, the idea was to give artists in Germany the opportunity to license under Creative Commons *and* to monetize their works by the support of a collecting society. The longer we worked on the concept - we started in 2010 - it became clear that there's a whole lot more to do.

You know, doing your own business as an artist, no matter if you call it DIY or DIT, you have a choice of two: Individual licensing (most probably under Creative Commons licences) or collective licensing by becoming a member of old school collecting societies like GEMA.

Individual licensing won't pay for your living in the situation as it is now. Just think about airplay in Germany: no broadcaster is going to sign individual contracts. No airplay, no label, no booker - you're out.

Old school collecting societies help to increase the chance to make money. The backlash: no democratic participation, no free choice of licensing, exclusively binding you with all of your works. Not to mention a lack understanding of today's technology.

50K MUSIC: What's your mission in a few words?
Wolfgang: Let only musical creatives decide about their work, and allow for a fair remuneration.

50K MUSIC: How do the collecting societies e.g. GEMA react to this?
Wolfgang: Most interestingly, they still talk about GEMA representing "*the* creator". There isn't such person as *the* creator. It's their members. And there will be members of C3S. And there will be other creators. But all of them are creators thinking differently.

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Jon Gomm Interview at The Justin Wayne Show

Published September 15 2013.

  by Mario




About one month ago Justin Wayne talked to Jon Gomm who runs a crowdfunding campaign on Pledgemusic for his upcoming album "Secrets Nobody Keeps".

Listen to the interview here.


Photo source: Jon Gomm's Facebook profile.

If 99% of Jazz Sucks and the Audience is Withering Away, Can Carsie Blanton Save Jazz?

Thanks Ian for writing this. The article has originally been published on Launch and Release. Published August 28 2013.

  by Ian

Trolling crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter to discover awesome new music certainly has its ups and downs. It seems a lot easier to be uninspired by a project than to walk away feeling moved.

But every once in awhile you will run across a project that is not only obviously going to be awesome, it could be a COMPLETE GAME-CHANGER.

Here is today's hint: Carsie Blanton.

An independent singer/songwriter with quite a bit of panache, edge and provocativeness, Carsie has decided to take her significant talents and swagger into a genre that is on life support.

No Wonder The Jazz Audience Is Withering Away

In this Wall Street Journal article.Terry Teachout points out that over the last few decades, America's jazz audience has shrank by 30% and has aged significantly.

The conclusion is obvious: jazz is dying.

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Doe Eye: The Debut Will Be Phenomenal

... that's how Linda sums up Doe Eye's Kickstarter campaign which was more than successful about two months ago. Published on August 23 2013.

  by Linda

Doe Eye’s first full length album was successfully funded through Kickstarter on June 28th, 2013. Doe Eye, whose real name is Maryam Qudus, is a true solo Indie rock artist from the San Francisco Bay area whose song, ’I Hate You’, charted on Hype Machine, was featured on FUSE TV, as well as, Alternative Press and has even had her own spread in Billboard Magazine. Doe Eye’s passion to pursue music and her faithfulness to self-expression has many falling in love with her true, musical talent.

Doe Eye has a voice that needs no instrumental accompaniment, classy, sultry, not at all heavy, and draws you in without effort. Her first four track demo, with the song ‘I Hate You’, set her on a musical life journey, that lead to her sophomore EP Hotel Fire, which was released in September of 2012, with six tracks including, ‘Drive’ and ‘1990’. Also in 2012, Doe Eye was chosen by fans in an online poll, to represent the West Coast at Billboard Music’s ‘Battle of the Bands’, her performance was described as “incredibly epic”.

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Support Kentish Fire’s New Music Video!

Great project by Kentish Fire on Kickstarter. Published on July 30 2013.

  by Tracey

Only formed in 2008, London-based act Kentish Fire are making waves: as well as writing and producing their own material, they’ve been gigging all over London in places like the O2 and Madame and JoJo’s. They also shared the stage with acts like The Futureheads and Dreadzone.

However the best is yet to come: their first single, "So Predictable" was featured on Channel Four‘s sitcom Fresh Meat. Now the four-piece indie-disco/rock band has set their biggest milestone to date… they came up with a plan to produce a music video for their upcoming song, "In Our Band". OK, this sounds like normal practice. So what will make this video stand out from the crowd? A 360° panoramic camera which is used for Google Map View. This six-lens camera will be used to capture every action from every direction. Cool, eh?

Kentish Fire have been working on this innovative project for the over a year and being an unsigned band, they had to pull money from all directions. So can this innovative project be achieved on a shoestring budget? Well that’s where you guys come in. With your help, they can put their music video into full action.

"In Our Band" is an upbeat, feel good, tongue-and-check production, with a bursting mix with of electro pop, indie rock and disco - take time out and have a listen. Now all this uber-cool song needs is an even cooler video. So come on, show a little love and support for this guys! Still 4 days left ...


AYWKUBTTOD Launched Pledgemusic Campaign

Thanks to Jonathan for this post. Published on June 29 2013. Photo source - http://andyouwillknowusbythetrailofdead.bandpage.com/

  by Jonathan

And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead are seasoned veterans at this stage but that doesn’t mean that the Texan boundary pushers are ever going to fall behind on the spirit of independence. After eight studio albums, the band are throwing their hat into the crowd funding phenomenon with a PledgeMusic.com campaign for the release of a new EP entitled ‘Tao of the Dead Part III’.

The EP will be the band’s third instalment of the Tao series, which was last visited in 2011 with the two part album, ‘Tao of the Dead’, followed by the band taking a quick detour last year with the album, ‘Lost Songs’. This new EP will feature one expansive 20 minute movement that will tie in appropriately with the concepts and moods of the previous Tao album.

Trail of Dead will still work with their labels Richter Scale and Superball Music in releasing the EP but this PledgeMusic campaign will see them maintain total control in its creation and release. Not to rest on their laurels with the fans’ backing though, the band intend to record the 20 minute opus in three days with “the sublime clarity that only caffeine and sleep deprivation can afford”. Badge

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Gayle Skidmore: Colouring Book + Video for "Fields Of Marigolds" + Pressing Upcoming Album + Tour

Published on June 22 2013.

  by Mario

Only 67 hours left for Gayle Skidmore to complete the funding on Kickstarter. Only 67 hours left for you to back her project including a colouring book, a video, pressing album and tour with her band.

On her Kickstarter page she unveils the details where the funds she raises will go to:

  • Printing the first 1000 copies of a colouring book
  • Pressing her upcoming album (That means getting physical copies made!)
  • Tour funds (gas to Chicago and back, travel expenses, bringing her band)
  • A really killer video for “Field of Marigolds” and hopefully a few others!! -A super rad 3 month publicity campaign for the new album, book and tour!

"This Kickstarter is absolutely vital to the release of my album. In addition to enabling me to print the coloring books and press the album, create a beautiful and incredible video or possibly several, tour the country with my brand new album and coloring book (hopefully with my band this time!!) it will help me hire a really brilliant publicist who will make all of the difference in the world.", she say on her Kickstarter project page.

So hurry up, Gayle needs every support you can give.