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Fleur Jack Album Progress and Artist Madness

This post has originally been published in April 2010.

  by Fleur

Making an album always seams to take forever. I am rehearsing twice, sometimes three times a week with my band on my solo songs, getting ready to hit the studio and while it's obvious we are making great progress, I can't help but feel like i'm not moving fast enough! It's that feeling of being so close but so far (patience fleur, patience!). As well as my impatience with time, I am also wanting the album to be really freakin' good (who doesn't right!?). I want to make an album that people will want to play from start to finish and enjoy all the way through. I want it to be a successful album that people will talk about and as well as impressing other people, I want to impress myself with it. I have been writing like a mad hatter! Wine in one hand, pen in the other and a cigarette pressed into the end of my headstock. I can't help but feel like i'm channeling Hunter S Thompson some nights. Is that song finished yet? Is my chorus strong enough? Is the bridge working? Can you sing this note, so I can test this harmony? I even called my parents today to ask for their opinion on a song. My dad spent the rest of the afternoon locked in his audio cave putting strings to the song I emailed through, so I guess that's a tick from him and mum was honest about her dis-taste for a chord I had chosen in an otherwise great track. Unlike a lot of peoples parents, mine are always brutally honest with constructive criticism and I can always test out songs on them and know i'll get honest feedback that I can trust - take it or leave it, it's always good to get opinions. Last week I filmed band practice as a way to make people feel like being a part of the album making process. I've left all the in-between stuff out of it and you just see the band playing one song in my very, artistically messy lounge.I will continue to film the album making experience so if you want to stay tuned into it, please subscribe to my Youtube channel. While working on the album, I am also planning the release tour. I toured NZ four times last year between both my bands and i've decided to step it up a notch for my album release. This September, I am going to drag my band to the USA, buy a van and drive for two months. It's going to take me the whole year to plan all the gigs and of course, save my butt off to pay for the flights, the van, petrol, insurance, food, accomodation and everything else that will go into the trip of a lifetime but no doubt, will be worth every effort. Once I get home, it'll be time to do a tour here and then try it again in Australia. The plan from there is to get into my follow up CD which I am already funding for on AKA music. In my head, it's all figured out. I just need to dedicate every part of my soul to turning into reality! Right - now for the sales pitch: Please 'like' me on facebook Follow me on Twitter Friend me on Myspace Check out my stuff and get behind me with my next album Thanks very much - all the way from little ol' New Zealand! xx Fleur

Fleur Jack Believer Update

This post has originally been published in November 2010.

  by Fleur

Fleur hit her target on SellaBand a couple of weeks ago and is touring with her band The Twitch throughout New Zealand and Australia at the moment. Today she gives us a short update of what happened lately: „Kia Ora from New Zealand~ I hope you've been doing really well and all the best wishes for the upcoming break over the Christmas period, I thought i'd drop you a line to say >HI< and keep you up to date with my music. … I've been having a blast on the road for the last three weeks, touring with my band The Twitch and at 8 am tomorrow I'm back on the plane and headed for Melbourne for three shows and a couple of interviews on radio and TV there. We are there until Sunday and then head home to NZ for the last couple of shows of this tour. Here's an interview I did for an Australian gig site~ Our latest goal is to make a music video for The Twitch and we've got just 13 days left on our quest. I'd love it if you could take a look and help us by spreading the word where ever you can! You can check it out here. I'm very much looking forward to my summer holidays where I get to do pre-production for the SAB Album!!!! I'll keep you posted with my album progress and what I'm up to with my music! Best Wishes! Cheers Fleuro~“ I will try to get Fleur for an 50K MUSIC interview within the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned for more...