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John Vanderslice: "Dagger Beach"

Check out the new album "Dagger Beach" on www.johnvanderslice.com. Published on June 20 2013.

  by Linda

It is currently one of Kickstarter’s top 40 most funded projects in music, John Vanderslice’s new album, "Dagger Beach". Vanderslice is an American Alternative Indie rock artist from Gainesville Florida who is not only a singer, songwriter and musician; he is also a record producer and recording engineer. With a few successful solo albums already in hand, John Vanderslice created a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to start his own label, Tiny Telephones. He reached his goal within hours of starting the campaign and the project to record and produce his album "Dagger Beach" along with covering David Bowie’s 1974 "Diamond Dogs" was successfully funded on March 21st 2013.

John’s love of all sights and sounds makes him quite the lyrical storyteller with a captivating voice mixed with beautiful harmonies and poetic creativity. He spent 10 months writing and recording "Dagger Beach" with singles like ‘Harlequin Press’ and ‘Damage Control’, constructing it similar to his albums, "Cellar Door" and "Pixel Revolt". Vanderslice covers Bowie’s "Diamond Dogs" by breathing new life into it with his silky smooth voice and his own structural and lyrical take, but still gives you that 1974 “make ya wanna groove” feel.

Read more: John Vanderslice: "Dagger Beach"

Pledge Project Alert: The AFP Salon

Amanda Palmer has just started her AFP Salon Pledgemusic campaign. Thanks to Rachel for this write-up. Photo by Kambriel.

  by Rachel

You may know of Amanda Palmer through the Dresden Dolls, or you may know her from Evelyn Evelyn. Chances are, however, that you have heard of her. Though no longer performing under the Dresden Dolls or Evelyn Evelyn monikers, Amanda Palmer is as intriguing as ever. She has made a name for herself as a solo artist, blogger, and music advocate. Although she is strong supporter of free music, Amanda Palmer once created one of the most successful Kick Starter projects for her newest album "Theatre Is Evil". Currently, Palmer is touring with the Grand Theft Orchestra in support of the new album, in addition to running another crowd funded project.

Always looking for a new project, Palmer has started another crowd funding project for the series of live webcasts. On June 4th, 2013, the webcast world was introduced to The Amanda Fucking Palmer Salon. Live from Cambridge, Massachusetts the Redstar Union show features former Amanda Palmer and a few other bands. During the first live webcast, Palmer was joined by several artist and bands to sing, take questions, and give their audience and viewers a great time.

The live webcasts are free to anyone who wishes to watch, and promises to be entertaining. The money collected through the Pledge Music site goes towards securing a location, helping out bands who participate, and costs to set up audio and video. In order for the live webcast to continue, Amanda Palmer has created a Pledge Music project. Those who donate $25 and up to Palmers Pledge Music project will receive a poster, HD video download of highlights from the Salon, and a variety of music files. To support Amanda Palmer and her amazing new project, simply click here and give a donation. Not only will you be supporting an amazing artist with a new project, but you will be getting some free gifts as a show of thanks.


Musician Of Many Hats: Garland Jeffreys

Check out Garland Jeffreys' Pledgemusic project. Photo by Anton Corbijn. Published June 12 2013.

  by Sabrina

New York's multi-talented "urban poet" Garland Jeffreys' latest musical undertaking promises to surpass the critical acclaim of his latest project The King of In Between. After a lifetime of musical performance and songwriting that includes work with Sonny Rollins, James Taylor, and Phoebe Snow, Jeffreys newest album includes another impressive roster of talented musicians. Steve Jordan, Larry Campbell, Duke Levine, Zev Katz, and Brian Mitchell will all play a part in the soulful king's album. Recording has begun at Brooklyn Recording, but Garland Jeffreys is keeping mum on the specifics of the new album until he completes music production.

The cross genre local legend is crowdfunding his new album with PledgeMusic. A man of many hats, he literally swaps through several hats throughout his pledge intro video. Crowdfunding has taken the independent music market by storm, and with almost three months to go, indie Garland Jeffreys has surpassed his goal with pledges from New Zealand, Canada, and Europe. True to his eclectic personality, Jeffreys promises everything from "Secret Hats" to old cassettes to tickets to his 70th Birthday Party celebration to his undying fans. Dedicated music lovers can enjoy dinner at Garland's house with Jeffrey and Claire (who he admits is a "pretty good cook") or spend a fun day at Coney Island with the man himself. G even promises to perform until age 85 for those who have an Eternity Pass to his concerts.

With 90 days to go on his PledgeMusic campaign, Jeffreys has raised over 150% of his goal. Jeffreys shares the love by donating 10% of his post-goal money to the Beth Israel Medical Center which helps seniors and families living in New York City's Peter Cooper Village Stuyvesant Town.

If you want to get in on the musical action, just take a moment to check out Garland's PledgeMusic crowdfunding campaign. 

And if you'd like to celebrate Garland's 70th birthday with him and some very special guests ... join the party at Highline Ballroom on June 29 2013 ... tickets are still available.

SWEET FIX New Album On Pledgemusic

SWEET FIX are currently running their funding project on Pledgemusic. Published on April 27 2013.

  by Linda

Hitting the rock music scene in 2009 and rolling out of New York USA, Sweet Fix will unleash their sounds to taunt you, tease you, rock you and please you. With their “sweaty, smart rock and roll” and sound described as “cotton candy melting on the engine of your car”, (sweetfixmusic.com), Sweet fix is here to bring an evolution of rock and roll to rule the radio waves and ride the sound waves right into your hard core rock pop soul.

Sweet Fix is on their way to making their first album through pledges on Pledgemusic. Pledgemusic.com is a great place for singers or bands to gain fans and a following and burst on to the music scene. Sweet Fix has some extremely unique and imaginative pledge prizes offered to fans and supporters everywhere. For 7 pledge dollars that gets you the album download and exclusive updates, $30 gets you tickets to the release concert and a signed CD, and it just keeps getting better from there to where certain dollar amounts can even get you a private music lesson or help co-write a song with Sweet Fix. Great things are up for grabs and going fast, awesome. Pledge dollars will go to help finance the band’s first album, the cost of studio time, producer’s fee, publicist, PR firms and radio agents. Still 24 days to support the guys.

Sweet Fix’s ‘FM Radio’ is their smartly and creatively done music video that is easy to find on YouTube. Other great singles you can find on sweetfixmusic.com are ‘Make A Move’ and ‘Do You Wanna Sneak Out?’ which has catchy lyrics and rippin’ riffs. With bright colors, high energy and bright lights, rockin’ and poppin’ like sweet candy melting on your tongue, in a nutshell, these guys will give you a Sweet Fix of great rock and roll.


Morning After Youth Debut Album On Pledgemusic

There's another cool project on Pledgemusic - the debut album of Morning After Youth. Please consider to support them - still 33 days left. Thanks for Tracey who wrote this post. Published on April 15 2013.

  by Tracey

If you haven’t seen or heard of these guys before, the chances are you WILL see them again AND you WILL hear their music in the very near future as they can rock just as well as the well-seasoned rocker. Determined to be ‘fresh’ and ‘unspoiled’, these guys want to set the world on fire with their stamp on melodic rock.

Morning After Youth are well on the way of accomplishing their mission: in their short existence, the four piece band from Iceland has made quite an impression, having a strong fan base on leading social sites which led them to being in high demand for live performances. To add to their undeniable success, Morning After Youth reached second place in the 2012 competition Battle of Bands in their native country.

So what’s the next step for Now Morning After Youth? The four talented mellow rockers unleashed their debut album in January after working long and hard on it for three years at the renowned Syrland Studios.

The first single from the album, "LIVED" which is a pleasurable and chilled out rock track that could be enjoyed on a hot summers day. Their second and latest single, "Where It Might Be Wrong" is racier and up tempo with borderline aggressive (but not offensive) guitar tones – which is quite reminiscent of 1980’s Duran Duran.

So do you like the sound of these guys? Take time out and have a listen to their work…and if their sound is right up your street, show your appreciation and download their latest single from Pledge Music today.


The Roots Project

Published on April 03 2013.

  by Mario

Assuming that you know Angie Arsenault, her former crowdfunding projects on Sellaband and you've read yesterday's article about her Living Room Concert series I thought it might be of interest for you that she also runs a very special crowdfunding project on her own - The Roots Project.

It's about bringing four members of the Arsenault family together to record a very special album representing the individual sounds of Angie, Jonathan, Melissa and Louise Arsenault. "The album will be a melting pot of sorts and sounds mixing in sugar and spice and everything we find nice. The final blend is yet to be uncovered, but for now, we could call it a folk crossover.", Angie states on the project's website.

So if you want to get this awesome album don't hesitate to support Angie and her family.

IAMX "The Unified Fields" on Pledgemusic

IAMX has just released his album "The Unified Fields" funded by over 2,600 fans on Pledgemusic. But if you think you can get all the cool stuff IAMX has offered for a Pledge ... forget it. The Pledgemusic campaign is closed for further pledges.

  by Peter/Mario

IAMX, solo project of Chris Corner, is one of the most demanded electronic/synth-pop acts of the current European music scene. From 2004, which marked the release of his debut album, IAMX as he put it has always been the “solitary studio soldier” when it comes to producing and recording music. With his latest record "The Unified Field", he decided to involve his fans. To fund this album, IAMX had started a PledgeMusic crowdfunding project.

IAMX´s project has been funded to 817% of its initial goal, what makes it more than successful. 2,615 music fans have donated or pledged money to this album. Minimal pledge was set to 10 Euro. With a minimal pledge of 10 Euro you could get your digital download of this latest album and access to IAMX latest updates.

IAMX offered ridiculously exclusive items and experiences. For just a few extra Euro you could have got you different versions and extras of the album, various signed items like posters, drum sticks, set list or, for diehard fans donating hundreds and thousands of Euro, Chris has offered his own musical instruments (guitar, synth etc.), VIP tickets, access to parties, …

But if you think you can still get all this stuff, forget it. The campaign is closed for further Pledges and the album has been released for all Pledgers last Wednesday. Official release for the rest of the world is today.