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AYWKUBTTOD Launched Pledgemusic Campaign

Thanks to Jonathan for this post. Published on June 29 2013. Photo source - http://andyouwillknowusbythetrailofdead.bandpage.com/

  by Jonathan

And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead are seasoned veterans at this stage but that doesn’t mean that the Texan boundary pushers are ever going to fall behind on the spirit of independence. After eight studio albums, the band are throwing their hat into the crowd funding phenomenon with a PledgeMusic.com campaign for the release of a new EP entitled ‘Tao of the Dead Part III’.

The EP will be the band’s third instalment of the Tao series, which was last visited in 2011 with the two part album, ‘Tao of the Dead’, followed by the band taking a quick detour last year with the album, ‘Lost Songs’. This new EP will feature one expansive 20 minute movement that will tie in appropriately with the concepts and moods of the previous Tao album.

Trail of Dead will still work with their labels Richter Scale and Superball Music in releasing the EP but this PledgeMusic campaign will see them maintain total control in its creation and release. Not to rest on their laurels with the fans’ backing though, the band intend to record the 20 minute opus in three days with “the sublime clarity that only caffeine and sleep deprivation can afford”. Badge

It’s quite the undertaking for the four-piece to take but they are, if anything, adventurous. Each album, and particularly the ‘Tao of the Dead’ record, has been ambitious and were ‘out there’ records that exhibited the song writing might of guitarist and vocalist Conrad Keely.

There are a number of incentives for getting involved and pledging to the creation of the band’s next work of art. Firstly, a percentage of profits will be donated to APLE Cambodia, an organisation that provides assistance and support to victims of child abuse as well as campaigning for the prosecution of perpetrators.

Also, like many crowd funding efforts, pledging to the record entitles fans to a copy of the record and a range of other items. The more you pledge, the more goodies and collectibles you could get your hands on but pledges to ‘Tao of the Dead III’ are coming in fast and items like a genuine painting by Conrad Keely is already gone as well as copies of the band’s artwork doodling book.

However some true die-hard fans can still pledge £1,000 to get a private acoustic gig with the band. More modest incentives are available too like exclusive t-shirts (£19) and VIP gig passes (£50).

There are just over 80 days left to pledge and the band is well over halfway on the campaign.