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Fleur Jack: The Calm Before The Storm

This post has originally been published on May 30 2011.

  by Mario

It's been a while since Fleur's last write-up. So I asked her to update us about the album production. And here it is ...

Last time I wrote for 50K MAG, I wrote about how making an album seems to take forever and can drive you totally mad while you wait for it to take shape. I suppose in some aspects, I'm still far from finished but this time, the album is starting to sound like an album and all but the vocals are recorded.

I'm sitting at 'Sloth' studios at the moment and my Stepdad Andy Tait is loading up the next track to record vocals on. We started the project at one of New Zealand's top studios 'The Lab', with their top engineer Oliver Harmer and the band tracked live for three days at the end of April. In between recording the music and recording the vocals, I've been on my third tour of Melbourne, Australia with my other band 'The Twitch' and we had our best shows there yet. I think going back to places you've played is really important to create a decent following, even if the first couple of times you go, you don't have packed out shows. Being our third time to Melbourne, the shows were really pumping and we took some footage from the shows and have made a little tour video which is up on our Facebook page. While there we did television performances and radio interviews and we're really starting to come out from the underground over there. Hopefully we can get back there before the year is out. As well as going to Melbourne, The Twitch have released a brand new video for our song 'Greenlight' which looks really professional and we're currently working on servicing that to television stations all around the country. In promotional news, I've just made myself my first ever website which is really exciting.

You can have a wee -perve at: www.fleurjack.com And I've designed and purchased some business cards to hand out at shows to promote the my album, the new website as well my fundraising campaign on AKA Music for album number two. After releasing the album, I'm going to Canada to play the International Pop Overthrow Festival in Vancouver. My plan is to buy a van and drive through America's playing as many shows as I can fit into two months. I think the biggest market for country music is the USA and I am super keen to get over there and see what kind of reaction I get with my new band. To help me with all the flights and travel costs, I've setup yet another fundraising campaign on Indiegogo.com where I'm pre-selling my album for $20 USD which will go directly to my touring fund. You can help me out here.

So to wrap up, last time I spoke of madness but this time around, I'm feeling like there's not much more work left to do on the recording process and it's time to start thinking about the photo shoot for the album cover, the booklet and album artwork, then it's time for music videos, touring for promotion and getting all the press releases ready to send out to the media. Good things take time!


Till next time (and hopefully the album will be done by then)

love Fleur xx