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Post #2 - Don't Believe the PR Machinery...

Published August 31 2013.

  by Mario

... they make the hype, they tell you who you should listen to, but they're dinosaurs of yesterday's music industry.

Times have changed. The fans are the real music experts … they support their musicians and bands even financially. Crowd or fan funding is established nowadays. It has revolutionized how artists finance their music. But the revolution ain't over. We must not stop part-way.

Let's build up a fan driven magazine, a community driven magazine to promotionally and publizingly support Indie artists. The grassroots movement has begun with music crowdfunding. Let's keep this revolution up by undertaking the communicational and promotional part for our Indie artists.

Let's kick out Big Label PR and start with Guerilla Music Journalism ... Let's do it now ... Join 50K MUSIC Community and contribute to the MAG today.

What can you do to contribute to this part of the music revolution?

Write about YOUR artists, about gigs, albums, EPs, singles ... shoot videos and photos of YOUR artists … interview YOUR artists … and send your contributions and I'll publish it.

Join 50K MUSIC Community and be a part of guerilla music journalism. You don't have to be a Pulitzer Prize winner or a famous director or cameraman. It's OK if you are one. Everyone who is able to do crowdfunding is able to do a lot more. There's no excuse, start today.

Let's spread the word, let's build a strong community to support Indie artists, against dinosaur PR of the big labels. Because music expertise is not where to money is, it's here in the community.

Join now.