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Make Sure You're Sitting At The Table, Not Being On The Menu!

As Bernie Ecclestone once said: if you're not sitting at the table, the chances are you are on the menu. Published May 16 2014. Updated May 17 2014.

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If you think of Re:publica as a get-together of internet nerds and geeks then last weeks 2014 conference at Station in Berlin surely has proved you wrong. We also saw some really enlightening panels of music business experts. At the first one Sam Taylor (CMU) and Helen Smith (Impala) discussed with Helienne Lindvall about the role of artists in modern music business especially when it comes to music streaming. 


Sam Taylor gave a broad overview of music streaming: the money circulating in the system and the framework in which the money operates. Not much of the money streaming services generate has reached the artists yet he states and regrets the reduction in value of music we see nowadays. Sam concludes with the finding that the people who provide the liveblood of music industry (the artists) are more and more marginalized.

At the second panel Johnny Haeusler (Spreeblick) and Crispin Hunt (Featured Artists Coalition) have discussed the question if there are still ways for musicians to actually earn a living from their recording output these days.


The conclusion for me after following the discussions is that artists should 

  • unite to safeguard their interests,
  • sign only to labels that value their work (also financially) and
  • cultivate the relationship with their fans.

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Post #2 - Don't Believe the PR Machinery...

Published August 31 2013.

  by Mario

... they make the hype, they tell you who you should listen to, but they're dinosaurs of yesterday's music industry.

Times have changed. The fans are the real music experts … they support their musicians and bands even financially. Crowd or fan funding is established nowadays. It has revolutionized how artists finance their music. But the revolution ain't over. We must not stop part-way.

Let's build up a fan driven magazine, a community driven magazine to promotionally and publizingly support Indie artists. The grassroots movement has begun with music crowdfunding. Let's keep this revolution up by undertaking the communicational and promotional part for our Indie artists.

Let's kick out Big Label PR and start with Guerilla Music Journalism ... Let's do it now ... Join 50K MUSIC Community and contribute to the MAG today.

What can you do to contribute to this part of the music revolution?

Write about YOUR artists, about gigs, albums, EPs, singles ... shoot videos and photos of YOUR artists … interview YOUR artists … and send your contributions and I'll publish it.

Join 50K MUSIC Community and be a part of guerilla music journalism. You don't have to be a Pulitzer Prize winner or a famous director or cameraman. It's OK if you are one. Everyone who is able to do crowdfunding is able to do a lot more. There's no excuse, start today.

Let's spread the word, let's build a strong community to support Indie artists, against dinosaur PR of the big labels. Because music expertise is not where to money is, it's here in the community.

Join now.

Post #1 - What Was And What Will Be

Published on March 08 2013.

  by Mario

If you observantly followed the activities here on 50kmusic.com over the last two months, you surely will have noticed certain changes. I've rebuilt and reframed 50K MUSIC MAG over the last few weeks. I haven't finished my work yet. But I hope that you like what you see so far.

On 1st March 2013 the MAG turned four. Yes, back in March 2009 I decided to publish the first MAG (in German at that time). Since that day there were periods of euphoria when I felt the real great support of artists, fans and readers. But there were also times I was on the point to pack it all in. Now crowdfunding has turned into a hype. More and more artists discover the pros of the hands-on model and the direct-to-fan approach.

The new slogan of 50K MUSIC MAG - "Spreading The Spirit Of Indie Music" - will be the motivation for everything I do in the next few months.

In January, when I started to refloat 50kmusic.com after a crash in December last year, I had a clear conception of how 50K MUSIC MAG will look like and what strategy I will pursue. And over the last two months it all became even clearer. I have a precise picture now of how the MAG will develop over the next year. All my ideas and thoughts convinced me that only a magazine with high quality standards will sufficiently serve the new motto of 50K MUSIC MAG: "Spreading The Spirit Of Indie Music".

My plan is to develop the MAG into the leading magazine for crowdfunded Indie music, both online and offline. I know this requires huge efforts. I also know that I'll need all the support I can get. And I know I can rely on the true community of music lovers.

That's all for the moment folks. I'll keep you in the loop.