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50K MUSIC MAG depends on a number of authors and editors from all over the world. Please meet them:

Carlos Nahuel Cerruti

I’m a Film and TV student based in Buenos Aires. I have been passionate about music since I can remember and being able to write about it makes me happy. The thing I most enjoy about independent music is the fact that I’m getting what the artist wanted to deliver, without anyone telling them what not to do. I a fan of the “do it yourself” thinking and crowdfounding allows many people to support music as an art. I’m not sure about what kind of music I prefer, I try to give everything a chance and I’m against the genre, some things just can’t be label.




 Jonathan Keane

Jonathan is an Irish freelance journalist with work published in various music publications including Terrorizer and Molten Magazine as well as several sites like CVLT Nation, Metal Ireland and Ghost Cult. You’ll find him on Twitter @J_K9, possibly talking nonsense.





Linda Papineau-Couture

My name is Linda Papineau-Couture and I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I was born in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada and moved out to Edmonton in 1980 when my father was posted to a military base here. With my father in the Canadian Military and my mother from The Netherlands, travel was a large part of my life. I believe that sometimes situations, experience and an inner voice makes a writer, and I have used all three to document what happens around me. I am a mother of a beautiful teenager, a published poet and freelance writer. I also belong to the prestigious Edmonton Stroll Of Poets. Edmonton is situated where the rolling Alberta prairies and endless blue sky meet the Majestic Rocky Mountains. My unique city is an art hub, we are known in Canada as 'The Festival City', a hot music scene, spoken word scene, dance and spectacular theatre. Music has always been there for me in my darkest and greatest times, it is my privilege to write about it.



Sabrina Peña Young

Award-winning composer Sabrina Pena Young composes mind-numbing electroacoustic works heard in Asia, North America, Australia, and Europe.

Her multimedia works have been performed at the Beijing Conservatory, the International Computer Music Conference, Miramax's Project Greenlight, the Athena Festival, the New York International Independent Film Festival, Art Basil Miami, Turkey's Cinema for Peace, and Pulsefield International Exhibition of Sound Art.

Her most recent work is the "groundbreaking" and "epic" sci-fi machinima film Libertaria: The Virtual Opera, which recently screened at the Holland Animation Festival. Young is currently working on Destiny: Eondwyr, a work for Malletkat and multimedia inspired by video games and graphic novels..

Find out the latest about Sabrina at http://sabrinapenayoung.blogspot.com/

Sabine Wirsching

Music has always been on my side. When I was a kid, I was a folk lover and danced around in my parents' house when they played The Dubliners.

Today, I am addicted to everything that smells like teen spirit, like punk rock or rock'n'roll. Besides dancing around in Berlin, I am an editor, blogger and writer, and as a journalist, I work for different music magazines. I endorse the idea of crowdfunding: It's the perfect way to give something back to the musicians you adore, for letting you dance even on the darkest days in life. Check out Sabine's blog Text, Mags, Rock'n'Roll and her own crowdfunding project for her first novel “Druckstaueffekt – Soundcheck: Berlin” (both in German).



Mario Putzar - Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Mario has grown up with the music of the 80's and discovered music crowdfunding in 2008 when he joined Sellaband as a believer. He can't get loose from indie music and music crowdfunding and started 50K MUSIC MAG in early 2009, supporting Indie artists crowdfunding their music.